"The Buffalo Kid" Spring 2013
Still haunted by the pain left by his lover's departure, a young trumpet player plays his sorrows away by a street corner in New York City. When he can no longer find the motivation to play, he decides to get rid of the trumpet. His only hope comes in the form of a mysterious stripper who spends her cigarette breaks by the street corner listening to the young man's sad tunes.

This film was directed by Pedro Marnoto-Pereira. It was shown in New York, Lisbon, London, Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro among many other cities. The music recently received a 2014 NYU First Run Film Festival Craft Award for Original Score and received Second Prize for "Best Film" at the 2013 NY Portuguese Short Film Festival.

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2013 NY Portuguese Short Film Festival

2014 NYU First Run Film Festival

2014 Festival Caminhos do Cinema Português, in Coimbra, Portugal